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The Deathless : Peter Newman :

Some did not like the way that when North tries to tell his side of the story from what happened to him long ago, he loses things in details or events that do not matter. Some of the writing also lacks any personality that may be a result of the co-author that is helping North write the novel. Some also found the religious parts of the novel to be a waste of time and detracted from the action of things.

Some felt that North putting himself in the novel was a little much and was a little forced. Quite the price to pay to take part in the operation to uncover nuclear weapons that belong to Iraq.

Newman is no stranger to putting his life on the line for his country. Israel finds that they do in fact have the weapons and plan a strike with Jericho missiles. This is something that will have consequences, large ones. Only Newman knows everything and can prevent full out nuclear war.


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Is he going to be able to save the world, including his wife? Or will he have to save one or the other this time?

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Fans of the novel liked the Christianity element this novel had and felt that the book had well drawn characters that were full of depth and the story lines felt like they were ripped right from the headlines. Some found that they liked this novel more than the first one.

The Army of the Republic A Novel

Fans like the way North brings things to life and there is not a feeling that some of the stuff that happens in the novel is too out there and could not actually happen. Some are surprised at how good the novels are, finding that they will follow future books in the series. Some felt that there was much too much military jargon that takes away from an interesting read.

Some also wish that the Christianity angle was a little more downplayed in the novel than it is, finding that it makes parts of the novel skippable. Some of the things damaged include oil pumping equipment, pipelines, and there are some dead members of the royal family. This causes gas to soar to over six bucks a gallon, there is also a lot of hyper-inflation as a result.

A restriction is put in place to limit travel that is non-business related to five hundred miles a week. Men responsible will not get away with this for long, and Congress introduces an Assassination Bill. A new unit called Threat Mitigation Unit is headed up by Peter Newman, where he can train up to one hundred specialists to help kill terrorists. Peter Newman as its head.

He is given authority for up to specialists, which he recruits and trains. It is discovered Iranians plan to detonate a nuke in Washington. Newman and a team are dispatched and a chase across Europe and international waters ensues. The Vagrant has much more story in him, I feel, so I will be purchasing the next two books in the series soon.

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Signs muscle in on all sides, brightly welcoming each arrival to New Horizon. The Vagrant does not notice; his gaze fixes on the ground ahead. Tags : book review , the vagrant , peter newman , the vagrant series , four rockets. Related posts Author Interview: Tanya J. Peterson This time around I've got Tanya J.