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Look at the faucet with the hose attached, and you will automatically take a piece of firm wire. Approach the abandoned house, and try the door - it is locked. Right click the door to notice the key is on the other side. Slide William's mourning card beneath the door, then use the firm wire to push the key through, and you will get the key and the card.

Use the key on the door to get inside. Open the drawer of the small table on the right and you will zoom in. Now open the little drawer on top of the desk and take the fountain pen. Right click the fountain pen to note it contains blue ink. Now pet the cat that is sleeping over the fireplace, and it will run away. Pick up the key that it knocked to the floor, then look in the cabinet where the cat appeared to enter. Look at the clippings on the cabinet's door to read about Richard Gordon.

Look at the right side of the fireplace to see a small door, then open it with the key you just found. Grab the candle and light from inside. Now right click on both of these items in your inventory. Use your small knife on the candle to get the wick, then combine this with the lighter. Use the lighter on the cabinet and you will reveal a secret passage - enter this. On the other side, you will speak to Richard. Agree to help him get his bottle of rare Boron Oxidant EX Take the shards of glass from the floor right click on these in your inventory to read the label and a small bottle from the table near the exit.

Leave the laboratory. Back in the abandoned house, grab the logs, newspapers and tea kettle before heading outside. Head out to the old garden, and fill the tea kettle with water from the faucet.

Also fill the small bottle with water. Use the fountain pen with the bottle to turn the water blue. Go back into the house and look at the stove over on the left. Put the newspaper and logs in the stove, then use the lighter on it. Put the kettle on the stove. Head outside and come straight back in, and the water will be boiling. Hold the shard of glass over the steam to remove the label.

Return to the path fork and go right to reach the main gate. Louis will be there, fixing the doorbell.

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Look at the toolbox - you can't take things while Louis is still around, so talk to him. Go inside and talk to Eleonor, then come back and talk to Louis again. Visit Eleonor and Louis again, then Eleonor once more. When you come back outside, Louis will be mowing the lawn. Go to the main gate and take the glue and firm wire from the tool box. Put some blue on the label, then stick it on the small bottle to complete your fake oxidant. Return to Richard and talk to him to supply his oxidant. Leave the abandoned house and head left to the chapel. Try the grate, but it is locked.

Check out the stone flower pot and the tall monolith. Go back to Richard, who suggests talking to Eleonor or Louis about the tomb key. Head to where Louis is mowing the lawn, and note the jacket hanging on the tree.

Drop the piece of wire on the lawn, then wait for Louis to leave. Search the jacket to find some keys.

Return to the chapel and use the key on the grate to enter the tomb. Look at the inscriptions above the 3 statues, and the 3 empty bowls. Also check out the stone tomb on the right, and the stone lock on it.

Morgue Drawer Next Door

Return to Richard and ask him about the names, and he says he will look them up. Leave the house, then go back in and ask again. Keep doing this until he gives you the information - you need water, blood and earth. Ask him for some blood while you are here, then open the freezer and you will take the blood. Leave the lab, and pick up the kettle from the stove before leaving the house. Head towards the chapel, and collect some soil from the stone flower pot. Now enter the tomb again. Pour blood in the left bowl, soil in the middle bowl, and water in the right bowl.

Now look at the altar that rises in the middle of the floor. This is a sliding puzzle, and you need to arrange the signs of the zodiac in order around the edge, with the four blank blocks in the middle, leaving the central part hollow. When you have solved it, you can take the stone key. Louis will discover you coming out of the crypt, and take away the keys again. Visit Richard, and he will agree to meet you late at night.

Go back to the mansion and you will wait until it is dark, then climb back outside. Go to the abandoned house, but the door is locked. Head back one screen, and you can click on the tower window, which is still illuminated because Richard is at work. Just over to the left, pick up some grit from the path.

Throw this at the window several times, and Richard will unlock the door for you. When the experiment has failed, pick up the flask of green acid from the shelf behind you. Go out to the tomb, and use the acid to get inside.