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But these conversations did not focus on light pollution, a problem presented by the reflective surfaces of proposed satellite constellations such as Starlink. At first, SpaceX said the complication would be minimal, and the new committee is trying to assess the impact and actively find solutions.

Lowenthal said. A spokeswoman from SpaceX said the company was taking steps to paint the Earth-facing bases of the satellites black to reduce their reflectiveness. Tyson is the chief scientist for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope — a foot, billion-dollar telescope under construction in Chile that will scan the entire sky every three days.

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But because it is designed to scan faint objects, it is expected to be greatly affected by the satellites. Moreover, whenever a satellite photobombs a long-exposure image, it causes a bright streak of light that can cross directly in front of an object astronomers wish to observe. Knowing how challenging it would be to correct these interrupted images, Dr.

Tyson decided the best step forward was to set the telescope to avoid Starlink satellites. His preliminary results suggest that avoiding the satellites would be difficult during twilight — a serious problem given that potentially hazardous asteroids and many objects in the solar system are best seen during this time. The satellites thus limit the ability of astronomers to observe them.

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And Dr. Instead, those images would be effectively ruined. Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who closely tracks objects in orbit, agrees. While astronomers are starting those conversations, they have little legal recourse. There are no regulations in place to protect the skies against light pollution. While many astronomers have been concerned about radio interference and space debris, she says light pollution is a bigger concern because there are no rules in place.

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That means any path forward relies on the good will of SpaceX and other companies. Lots more volunteers. While the Board works to stay ahead of our growth curve, our members can contribute by offering their time and talents in any area of the club they feel comfortable. Welcome everyone, new members and veterans!

We have a lot of work to do. We have now set up a google email account for the calendar images. At first, please send a low-res image to Bhavesh Parekh at pdxastronomy gmail.

Once all the images are finalized, your high-res images can be sent to the same email. Thanks to all who have already submitted their images. Please keep them coming!!!

An urgent response is needed before more clusters are launched. With many astronomers on break or otherwise tied up for the summer, help is being sought from amateur astronomers and astrophotographers. One thing you can do to help the effort to curb the proliferation of these clusters is to post time and location data and photos of the cluster to the RCA forum I will start a thread for Starlink under the imaging SIG. I will get these photos to the active members of the committee assigned to respond to SpaceX.

If you are interested in assisting with modeling efforts, let me know and I will put you in touch with the appropriate team member. Stay tuned for more information. There are a few candidate sites where RCA has confirmed that the land managers are in favor of designation and where required studies in support of an application have either been initiated, nearly completed, or can be quickly conducted.

Increasingly, telescopes are coming to rely on electricity, and as we move to more contemporary telescopes in the library, one deficiency of our collection that is becoming clear is the lack of electric power supplies that we can loan out with telescopes. While many of our instruments can operate on AA or D size batteries, is this expensive, either for RCA, or for each borrower.

Lunar skylight polarization signal polluted by urban lighting

Not only is the cost high, but the lifetime of batteries is small, some telescope really draw power. Some scopes can draw all the power out of the batteries they operate with in a single night of observing, maybe less. By acquiring power supplies with more capacity, we provide reliable sources of power for our telescopes, and the payback time for these power sources is rapid — under a year, given the number of loans we are making.

Are you new to observing? Have you always wanted to take a telescope out but didn't know where to start? Our second Intro to Observing class of the season is coming up in August! Come learn about how telescopes work, how to find constellations in the sky, and how to point a telescope for a closer look at deep-sky objects. Please email outreach rosecityastronomers. This class is ideal for members who have never or rarely used a telescope and would like to become more comfortable observing the night sky.

You do not need to have a telescope to attend and participate. We will be providing and observing with Dobsonians, so if you have a Dobsonian with a Telrad or dot finder, you are welcome to bring it please check with us first! Everyone will be able to work with a telescope throughout the evening. Responses exceeding the 8 available slots will be placed on a waiting list. Forums Trouble Getting on Forums? Go to Forums Trouble getting on forums? Rosette Gazette Articles. Read More Articles. Oct 30, Oct 14, Oct 6, Naomi LaViolette presents "Pictures in the Sky".

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Sep 29, Sep 5, RCA Membership Reaches Share gorgeous images of the stars that few ever get to see so folks know what soul enrichment they are missing, or better yet, share a view from your telescope. Share solutions found on the International Dark Sky Association website to curb light pollution. Keep advocating for dark skies — everyone wins when you do.

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