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We've made it easy to give and get your ebooklet! Read the details of this new K curriculum. CBN News is a leading voice in independent journalism. As a non-profit news operation, the generosity of our members allows us to continue shining the bright light of Truth on important stories and events. Here's a three minute video which gives the key facts about Yemen, why it matters, the issues at stake and how it may affect us all. Why should we be concerned about Yemen? Yemen: terrorism is not its only problem.

Could Yemen's multiple challenges spill over into neighbouring countries? How well prepared are these countries? David Hughes looks at the threat of a regional domino effect. How attacking AQAP influenced its strategy.

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Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is a moving target, literally. When attacked by Western forces after the attempted Christmas day bombing last year, it changed its strategy.

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How does al Qaida growth's in Yemen look to Yemeni eyes? Photos Submit to Our Contest. Photo of the Day. Video Ingenuity Awards. Smithsonian Channel.

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Before the rains begin, the animals cross the river again, heading south for the breeding season. Despite the migration's daunting perils, most of the animals make their way to Kenya, a crucial refuge for grass and water in the dry season. Guilbert Gates. At Serengeti National Park, the animals produce calves for a new season. Two yearling males spar at Serengeti National Park.

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A newborn wildebeest calf stands on shaky legs. Predators rely on the seasonal wildebeest bounty—just one reason the ruminants are considered a keystone species for the Serengeti. Some 1. Wildebeest crop grass and fertilize the land with their droppings, while lions, cheetahs, hyenas, crocodiles and other predators depend on them for protein. At the Serengeti National Park, wildebeest perform rituals of courtship as well as feed on the new grass brought by the rains. A decade ago, the wildebeest population reached a near-historic peak of 1.

Over the past three years, the Mara River has been running dangerously high, in part because of deforestation in the watershed. During the migration across the Mara River, if heavy currents don't drown them, the crocodiles are waiting to grab them. Thousands of wildebeests fall prey to predators each year, while others perish from broken bones and drowning.

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  8. A mother and her newborn calf, approximately one-to-three days old run along side one another.