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If you enjoy the sci-fi genre then I recommend this book. Not as good as Asimov but the potential is there, you will definitely enjoy the read. Characters were well developed and interesting as was the plot.

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Tech detail an added bonus. Read it all in one go as was hooked from the start. Another great book by Phillip Peterson I really enjoyed this book, especially the ending. Time travel is a fun subject to read about and the author explored some interesting theories in this book. Good character development and story line. Well written. Great read that no one should not read Excellent writer and thus we get a wonderful scifi.

Time travel is sometimes hard to read but not this. Characters are so well done and the storyline is excellent. Wow I read it straight through. Meritorious enough in and of itself, seeing the world of time travel through a pilot's eyes, rather than a scientist, has nonetheless been done before of course. Still, it wasn't overlong, and I did find myself wanting to read to the last page. Atomic bombs to the future. Take care of earth. Feb 26, Robert L. Fast paced and hard to put down I read it through and love the ending, so will you. No peeking beforehand for the ending!

Robert's Review A book with a happy ending.

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Outstanding, kind a mystery traveling back and forth in time. Thanks for the GoodRead. What a great twist! I would never have guessed the ending of this book. I didn't want to put it down! I read it in less than 2 days. Well written and researched as all of this author's books are. Human side of characters is very credible. Sleeper hit What a great story! It really surprised me and I have to say one of the best reads lately. Do yourself a Favor and read it. Not bad but not great.

An easy read with the standard issues with time travel around paradox complexities. A quick and fun read! Good suspense at the end I was wondering how it would all turn out until the very end. I liked how Steinmann's story ended. An entertaining present day SciFi read with a nice twist at the end.

Was a little lost at first but understood as it all came to a very interesting ending. Well done. Outstanding book! I was not able to put it down read it all in one day! Aug 07, Walter T. I absolutely loved this book I read this book at breakneck speed. Interesting happenings one after the other. Loads of action.

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Impossible to my down. Very engrossing right to the end Well worth a read exciting to the end would Read another one first science fiction I've read very. Engraving good. The storyline of time travel has been written about for a long time, but I believe you will thoroughly enjoy this one. She could not have reached home after the ball till two o'clock this morning.

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  5. Wasn't it queer? There is no place like Paris for this sort of adventures.

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    Taillefer had scarcely heeded the talk, she was so absorbed by the thought of the new attempt that she was about to make. Couture made a sign that it was time to go upstairs and dress; the two ladies went out, and Father Goriot followed their example. Vauquer, addressing Vautrin and the rest of the circle.

    You are too young to know Paris thoroughly yet; later on you will find out that there are what we call men with a passion". Michonneau gave Vautrin a quick glance at these words. They seemed to be like the sound of a trumpet to a trooper's horse. Der Student ging in sein Zimmer hinauf. Vautrin ging aus.

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    They must drink the water from some particular spring--it is stagnant as often as not; but they will sell their wives and families, they will sell their own souls to the devil to get it. For some this spring is play, or the stock-exchange, or music, or a collection of pictures or insects; for others it is some woman who can give them the dainties they like. You might offer these last all the women on earth--they would turn up their noses; they will have the only one who can gratify their passion. It often happens that the woman does not care for them at all, and treats them cruelly; they buy their morsels of satisfaction very dear; but no matter, the fools are never tired of it; they will take their last blanket to the pawnbroker's to give their last five-franc piece to her.

    Father Goriot here is one of that sort. He is discreet, so the Countess exploits him--just the way of the gay world. The poor old fellow thinks of her and of nothing else. In all other respects you see he is a stupid animal; but get him on that subject, and his eyes sparkle like diamonds.

    Translations and Notes, 1919-1920

    That secret is not difficult to guess. He took some plate himself this morning to the melting-pot, and I saw him at Daddy Gobseck's in the Rue des Gres. And now, mark what follows--he came back here, and gave a letter for the Comtesse de Restaud to that noodle of a Christophe, who showed us the address; there was a receipted bill inside it.

    It is clear that it was an urgent matter if the Countess also went herself to the old money lender. Father Goriot has financed her handsomely. There is no need to tack a tale together; the thing is self-evident. So that shows you, sir student, that all the time your Countess was smiling, dancing, flirting, swaying her peach-flower crowned head, with her gown gathered into her hand, her slippers were pinching her, as they say; she was thinking of her protested bills, or her lover's protested bills.

    Wissen Sie, was er tat, dieses Scheusal von Mann? Ist das nicht eine Schurkerei? Das war alles! Wenigstens hat er endlich seine Tochter gesehen. Ich begreife nicht, wie er sie verleugnen kann; sie gleicht ihm wie ein Wassertropfen dem anderen. Eugene looked disgusted. You are so unlucky as to walk off with something or other belonging to somebody else, and they exhibit you as a curiosity in the Place du Palais-de-Justice; you steal a million, and you are pointed out in every salon as a model of virtue.

    And you pay thirty millions for the police and the courts of justice, for the maintenance of law and order!